Writers’ block!

Don’t you hate when that happens? When you have all these ideas in your head but you can’t seem to write it out? Or you thought that it was a great idea to write about but decided against it. The past couple of days I’ve hd writer’s block. Usually, I have something to talk about, but I haven’t. I’ve been working trying to save my money in order to buy and do the things I want to do, that was until my I had to pay my car note! WELL, I’m back at square one again! It just seems like I work and work and work and work. But, where’s the money? There’s a topic I can write about! But, if I write about that I would have to change names and rearrange some things! I don’t want to get myself or anyone else in trouble! But I will speak on that topic though!  I really don’t have much to say, all I can say is have a safe, fun, weekend! HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Be Thankful

1Corinthians 15:57

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ

Another Day and here we stand! Have you ever stopped to think about how GOD has been good to you? Do you just ever sit there and think about how gracious he is to you or how much he has blessed you? I’m not talking about material things; I’m just talking about you walking, a mouth to speak, or your eyes looking at the screen right now reading this.

I am right now! I just want to encourage everyone out there to just gives thanks to the one and only true living GOD! Just throw your head back and say it, or if you’re at work reading this on the screen, say it to yourself. Because without him we’re nothing! Despite of all the things that we go through, no matter what he will always be there for you! He gave us the victory too, so there’s no need to fear, worry or be upset, he’s in control! Have a wonderful day, be blessed!

Is it time to relocate?

Good Afternoon!

So far this week has been very interesting! Yesterday, I wrote a fabulous post and for some reason the computer wouldn’t let me post it! I was in a not so good mood and I took the time out to tell everyone about it. And when I figured out that my computer didn’t want to post it, I guess it was meant for me to just write it out so I can feel better. Well, I feel better but, it seems as if something is missing. 

I went to lunch with a great friend of mine, we haven’t seen each other in weeks so we decided to meet up for a fulling but quick lunch. As we began to catch up, I start telling him about what was going on with me and how I feel as if I’m getting no where here in Houston. I mean I been out of school for a year and a half for crying out loud! And it seems as if I’m just stuck in this one spot, I explained that in a couple of my posts.

After he listened to me run my mouth (because I can talk someones ear off) he insisted that maybe I should relocate, travel and see what I would get into, that was including himself too. The past months I had been thinking about that. What if I did move to a different state? How would I adjust? Would I be happy? Will I still have a difficult finding a job like I am now? What about Grad school? Those questions began to wonder my mind, as I try to do some research. I mean I’m young, no children, and no husband. Majority of the people reading this would say “HECK YEA CHAR DO IT”! 

I would love too, but where would I began? I mean to travel you have to have money in order too do so. I don’t know while it seems so easy to some people; like I said before doing it is something totally different. So, all I can do is pray on it! How wonderful would it be to move back to Florida, or to go to my dream school NYU? Relocation is a definite must for me, but where do I start?


Every great dream begins …

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman

What a beautiful quote from the Heroine herself!   I wonder if Miss. Harriett Tubman aka “The Black Moses”,  ever had doubts when she was ducking and dodging the abolitionist? I wonder if she ever felt as if she was going to get caught one day? I wonder what really made her wake up one day and say “HEY, I want to be a conductor on the underground railroad and help free hundreds of people from slavery?

Had that always been her dream? Did she have more dreams then that?  Did she ever wonder if she was going to be one of the most famous African American women in history?  She was brave, strong, and determined.  Miss. Tubman changed the world all right, she set a bar for the African American race, and women all together. 

I couldn’t imagine sneaking several of people with me through out the night and lead them through the back woods, water, and from house to house. I would be petrified, every time something moved or made a sound I would be jumping and screaming, I would surely get caught. Well, I feel as if that was her calling and she had the strength, patience, and passion to lead those people, and family to freedom. 

Women like her encourage me to keeping pushing and striving to be the best;and keep trying until I reach all my goals in life. Miss Harriet Tubman, I am truly grateful and humbled for a woman like you!


As I continue to grow and mature as an adult, I notice some things about myself.

  1. I’m not the partying type. (I rather chill at home read or watch movies)
  2. I’m a little more laid back then I use to be. 
  3. I’m very impatient. 


Now the first two are okay, I’m fine with that.  But, the last part is what I really need to work on. Life is full of ups and downs, and it seems as if you’re trying to move on and try to do better,and you’re just stuck!And that’ s what I feel like right now!

I’ve been trying to figure somethings out and it seems as if nothing is happening. So, I try to take a deep breath and keep moving on doing what I’m suppose to do. And it’s harder when you’re trying you’re best to live a christian life. I found several of scriptures on Patience and  1 Thessalonians 1:3 stood out to me the most  which says “Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, labor of love and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of our GOD and Father. It sounds so easy when you read it, doing it is on a whole other level!

It’s so easy for us to be impatient give up and just sit there mopping around wondering why isn’t this happening or why isn’t that happening. When all we need to do is to get up and try it! I’ve been having that problem lately. And when I feel as if I’m about to slip up and do that I get myself together and put a smile on my face and move on. 

When I think about it now, and how GOD is so patient with me no matter what I do, say, or think. he’s always there waiting for me. I figure that sometimes he wants to be like. “Oh me, HELLO CHARMAINE, what are you doing girl, do you not trust me”?  

Me getting up and doing this blog was hard enough for me to do! But, I did it, it makes me feel as if I’m making progress. So, my main focus for this fall is to be patient, keeping my faith in tact, and stepping outside of the box. Those are things I’m going to work on!  

What are you going to work on? Comments please! 


   I never had a problem with making friends, keeping them now that’s a different story. I remember a certain friend I had in elementary school, she was a really sweet girl, and we got along very well. We hung out together and went over each others apartment. Then, one day, she just moved away I was very sad at the time because we were really great friends. 

    A couple of years later I met another great girl we were like peas in a pod.  Until, one day, with out notice she tells me that her parents were moving out of the city. And the next day she was gone. I was very lonely my last years in elementary because I missed my two really great friends. Yes, I did have some associates but nothing beats a good friend. 

   It happened again in middle school, when another great friend of mine left Houston and moved to Louisiana. I began to wonder is it me? Why can’ t I keep my friends? Why did they always have to leave me? Was there something about me that was stamped on my forehead with an expiration date like milk and other dairy products?  

  My prayers were answered my eight grade year I met a nice young lady we were best friends until our junior year in college. She didn’t move away we just grew apart. At first I was crushed and upset when our friendship ended. All those years went down the drain. I noticed somethings about the friendship that really bothered me.

  1. I was very insecure because she was very pretty (so guys seem to be drawn to her when we were out together)
  2. She was very smart and intelligent (I felt as if I wasn’t at the time)
  3. She loved to go out all the time but I didn’t.
  4. I loved to go to church she didn’t

It’s been 3 years since our friendship ended and I have to say,I was upset with her and myself. We thought we were going to be friends forever!  But we  weren’t, I wanted to a  have friend that told me the truth and I did the same . I needed someone who I could talk to about GOD. That’s a big must for me because I need someone to encourage me and vise verse. I needed a Confidant. I read some really great scriptures about friendship.

. Proverbs 13:20 NIV

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms.

Proverbs 18:24

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

When our friendship ended, I was blessed with a handful of friends that same year and to this day we are great friends! We may stay in different states and cities but we continue to contact each other through phone, text or face-book you name it!

Out of all those friends, I can count on one friend that’s ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! He listens to what I have to say, he doesn’t judge me, nor does he find me at fault when I do wrong! He’s always there for me when no one else wants to be bothered. When I don’t want to be bothered he’s still there! and that’s Jesus! Yes, the one and only!

John 15:13 NIV

Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

So, if you need a REAL friend, you can defiantly count on him!

Hello world!

Morning everyone!

 This is my tenth-thousand time starting a blog!  ha-ha! And I believe this time I’m going to stick to it no matter what! The first time I started a blog it was on a typical blog site, and I just stopped writing, I had no inspiration what so ever! I waited a year or two and decided you know what, I’m going to write again, so I started another blog and no prevail. I didn’t  “feel” like writing. I kept making excuses of why I couldn’t write so I stopped again. Once again, I started my own blog site and procrastination got the best of me and I just stopped again. I feel that blogging should not only be fun but inspire myself and someone in some sort of way. I looked at a lot of these blogs and they’re wonderful, it’s about what you love to do! What I’m going to do is just that write. I know you’re suppose to have some sort of topic that you would want to write about and share with others, or some particular subject you have to stick too. Well, right now I don’t. I am an ordinary 25-year-old young woman that’s going through the “Post-college-grad-I-don’t-know-what-I-want-to-do .”  Now, if you’re my age and you’re doing what you love and you’re not going through this then, please pass this on. This is for the people who are going through these struggles everyday, why sugar coat it right? Well…okay I take  that back!  If you have any great suggestions or comments please feel free to do so! I always love feed back! Be honest and be yourself, I won’t get upset! So, Hello World welcome to my blog!