Customer Etiquette

Now I work as a host at a restaurant. About 99% of the time you deal with customers. You know how the saying goes “The customer is always right”. My GM and his manager had explained to us that “We should treat our guests as if we’re inviting them into our home”. The restaurant is our home so no matter what we should make them feel welcomed and appreciated! Smile and greet them, make conversation and figure out if they’re out-of-town or their first time dinning. When the customers are leaving say in a cheerful voice “GOOD BYE, HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT”! “THANK YOU FOR DINNING WITH US, COME AGAIN”. Or the famous Walt Disney World greeting, “HAVE A MAGICAL DAY/EVENING”! I have that stilled and drilled into my head. I have caught myself opening the door and speaking to people, outside of work! I’ve been taught to give people the best of the best and go “ABOVE AND BEYOND” (another Disney rule) for customers.
What I seem to notice is that some customers don’t care. Let’s keep it real, not too long ago I had to serve crappy and rude guest. What they don’t seem to understand is they are being douche bags and they don’t care because I’m serving them. If you’re reading this and you’re guilty of this then shame on you! I hope you understand that I’m speaking for the people who deal with customers every single day! You know who you are! I am going to give you some tips on how to be a good guest! Yeah I know you’re like what? Well I am dead serious about this.

Guest rule #1 If you see that the host are smiling and speaking to you, do not just stare or ignore.
You wonder why some people are rude to you because you are being rude! There’s no need to be rude and complain that they didn’t speak when you didn’t speak to them!
Guest rule #2 If it’s crowded and you have to wait to be seated, please do not constantly bother the host or managers about it, if it’s an hour wait, then it’s really an hour!
You know how busy most restaurants are on certain days because you’ve eaten there a thousand times! If they say it’s an hour wait, please don’t come up 15 minutes later demanding a manager. You were told it was an hour sit down and have a drink or please exit the premises, either way the restaurant is going to make money!
It is bad enough that GM’s and mangers are breathing down their necks. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT tell the servers, host, bartenders, etc. how to do their job! They work there, you are the guest it’s OBNOXIUS! What if we came into your office and told you how to fax or type. Or we told you how to handle your patients? You would be upset! (This should be number one)
Guest rule #4 Please don’t come to the restaurant when it closes thinking that you will get served
Have you ever been to a party or a family gathering and that one person always seem to show up when everyone is finished eating? Some people are already packing a plate to go! Well, it’s like that! The cooks have been there all day long, some people have worked double shifts and they’re exhausted and ready to go home. If you get off at five and someone walked in your office at 4:59, you would be upset! If you get off at six and your boss sat a whole stack of documents on your desk and told you to stay late and do those documents you would be livid! Please take into consideration of them too, they want to go home and see their families or take a load off.
Guest rule # 5 Quit trying to get food for free!
This topic is going to hit the nail on the head. Some people think they can eat their whole plate, complain to the server about how bad the food was. Send them to go and get a manager and try to get the meal for free. OR, lie about it to try and get extra or gift card! If you are guilty if this, then know that you’re RATCHET!!! (Excuse my language!) That is the biggest pet peeve of all time. Just stop doing it, if something is wrong with the plate when you receive it, then let them know! Don’t eat all of it and complain! In the words of Tamar Braxton “GET YOUR LIFE” !
Guest rule #6 Do not be cheap!
I hear stories all the time about guests not tipping the servers correctly. I understand if the service was horrible and they don’t get tipped. But, if your service was divine, you came in and receive excellent service, then please tip them correctly. They have bills to pay, children, etc. Let’s not complain and say that you’re not tipping correctly because of the economy. Obviously, you drove a good mile to dine in at the restaurant. The tip is 15-20% so, don’t be that way! The host and bussers are all living off tips too!

These are some rules I think it takes to be a good customer! If you follow these rules I’m sure you would make your dinning experience much easier and better for you and your family! Happy Saturday!


Ah-ha moment!

Now we all know about the AH-ha moments right?  Have you ever been in church and the pastor was preaching, and he dug a little deeper and suddenly a light bulb clicked in your head and you were like, “WOW! It makes sense now”! Or you can be having a conversation with your friends or you could have went through a situation and you finally had the moment where you were like “Okay, now I understand what I went through”!

Well, I had several of those moments last night at bible study, and my pastor was on point and so were the people during our group discussion. The topic of series was 7 strategies for organization and order.  And what really made me have the ah-ha was when we talked about time.  We get so caught up with other things that we forget to spend our time with GOD. We’re so busy with this and that going to school, work, even going to church. We don’t stop to read the bible, or just talk him for a while. Sometimes, we even forget to say our grace because we’re so busy talking to our co-workers, or we’re rushing to eat and then go back to work.

My pastor explained to us that GOD respects time. Why? Because, in the beginning when he created us and the world he took his time to do so! If we just take a little time out to spend time with him, our lives would be a little easier than what it’s suppose to be.  Procrastination, can get the best of me and I found out not doing things on time and not being on time is not right.  My mom always taught me to do things on time whether it was waking up to go to school or cleaning up my room so I wouldn’t have to deal with it later on.

I didn’t take time seriously, or even thought about the things I been doing until last night. That was real eye opener! Now, I know that one of things I really need to work on is not taking time for granted! You can’t get it back, time just moves on!