Customer Etiquette

Now I work as a host at a restaurant. About 99% of the time you deal with customers. You know how the saying goes “The customer is always right”. My GM and his manager had explained to us that “We should treat our guests as if we’re inviting them into our home”. The restaurant is our home so no matter what we should make them feel welcomed and appreciated! Smile and greet them, make conversation and figure out if they’re out-of-town or their first time dinning. When the customers are leaving say in a cheerful voice “GOOD BYE, HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT”! “THANK YOU FOR DINNING WITH US, COME AGAIN”. Or the famous Walt Disney World greeting, “HAVE A MAGICAL DAY/EVENING”! I have that stilled and drilled into my head. I have caught myself opening the door and speaking to people, outside of work! I’ve been taught to give people the best of the best and go “ABOVE AND BEYOND” (another Disney rule) for customers.
What I seem to notice is that some customers don’t care. Let’s keep it real, not too long ago I had to serve crappy and rude guest. What they don’t seem to understand is they are being douche bags and they don’t care because I’m serving them. If you’re reading this and you’re guilty of this then shame on you! I hope you understand that I’m speaking for the people who deal with customers every single day! You know who you are! I am going to give you some tips on how to be a good guest! Yeah I know you’re like what? Well I am dead serious about this.

Guest rule #1 If you see that the host are smiling and speaking to you, do not just stare or ignore.
You wonder why some people are rude to you because you are being rude! There’s no need to be rude and complain that they didn’t speak when you didn’t speak to them!
Guest rule #2 If it’s crowded and you have to wait to be seated, please do not constantly bother the host or managers about it, if it’s an hour wait, then it’s really an hour!
You know how busy most restaurants are on certain days because you’ve eaten there a thousand times! If they say it’s an hour wait, please don’t come up 15 minutes later demanding a manager. You were told it was an hour sit down and have a drink or please exit the premises, either way the restaurant is going to make money!
It is bad enough that GM’s and mangers are breathing down their necks. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT tell the servers, host, bartenders, etc. how to do their job! They work there, you are the guest it’s OBNOXIUS! What if we came into your office and told you how to fax or type. Or we told you how to handle your patients? You would be upset! (This should be number one)
Guest rule #4 Please don’t come to the restaurant when it closes thinking that you will get served
Have you ever been to a party or a family gathering and that one person always seem to show up when everyone is finished eating? Some people are already packing a plate to go! Well, it’s like that! The cooks have been there all day long, some people have worked double shifts and they’re exhausted and ready to go home. If you get off at five and someone walked in your office at 4:59, you would be upset! If you get off at six and your boss sat a whole stack of documents on your desk and told you to stay late and do those documents you would be livid! Please take into consideration of them too, they want to go home and see their families or take a load off.
Guest rule # 5 Quit trying to get food for free!
This topic is going to hit the nail on the head. Some people think they can eat their whole plate, complain to the server about how bad the food was. Send them to go and get a manager and try to get the meal for free. OR, lie about it to try and get extra or gift card! If you are guilty if this, then know that you’re RATCHET!!! (Excuse my language!) That is the biggest pet peeve of all time. Just stop doing it, if something is wrong with the plate when you receive it, then let them know! Don’t eat all of it and complain! In the words of Tamar Braxton “GET YOUR LIFE” !
Guest rule #6 Do not be cheap!
I hear stories all the time about guests not tipping the servers correctly. I understand if the service was horrible and they don’t get tipped. But, if your service was divine, you came in and receive excellent service, then please tip them correctly. They have bills to pay, children, etc. Let’s not complain and say that you’re not tipping correctly because of the economy. Obviously, you drove a good mile to dine in at the restaurant. The tip is 15-20% so, don’t be that way! The host and bussers are all living off tips too!

These are some rules I think it takes to be a good customer! If you follow these rules I’m sure you would make your dinning experience much easier and better for you and your family! Happy Saturday!


Hustle Mode!!!

Hustle Mode!!!






Moments ago, I wrote the best blog ever! I had quotes and all that good stuff! But, I pressed the wrong button and it disappeared into thin air! Well, the blog was about me getting back to work, back to my hustle. I woke up today feeling okay , ready to start the day, and a conversation I had made a sharp left turn! Now, I refuse to let that hold me back!  What I do what my money is not that person or persons business! Now if you’re willing to give a helping hand then I’ll gladly accept it! But, until then I feel as if they should stay out of my business!

I’ve mentioned time and time again that I work hard, and I try to save my money  as much as possible. Have you ever been the type of person to try to help that person out no matter what and then it starts to become a habit?  I have a friend who tried to be nice and help someone out and things once again made a wrong turn, and now she has to suffer! I know a person who I work with, that every time he sees me, he tries to ask for a ride home! I mean GOODNESS, get a car, or ride the bus! Buses are all over Houston especially on the southwest side all over Sunnyside and 3rd ward! Get a pass and ride that bus! These people never call you or try to converse with you until they need something!  When I didn’t have a car while in college I refused to continually ask for rides, why because most of the time the places I went were walking distance, and I rode the Wiley shuttles to Wal-Mart and back.  I noticed a lot of things about certain people, if they don’t have money, they’re not happy so they don’t want you to have any!  Or, they don’t have any and they try to mooch off you! They promise to pay you back but they never do, and always came up with this lame excuse of why they can’t!


Excuse 1 “I get paid,on( this date) so when I get my paycheck I’ll give you half back”!

Excuse 2 “I got paid but I didn’t have enough to pay you back, I had to buy groceries, blah blah blah”!

Excuse 3 “I don’t have it right now, but I promise I’ll pay you back”

When you say things like that, that gets the person frustrated, and make you not want to speak to them ever again! I’m not talking about just friends. I’m talking about family, associates, frat brothers, sorority sisters, the whole nine! I know how you feel! You can tell someone is genuine about it, and they’ll pay you back. But, I’m talking about the person who NEVER EVER has money, and when you try to help them out, you gets nothing back!  Well, I say POO to those people! They aren’t worth your time! 

 “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
The quote says it all! Have a great day!

I’m back!

Good morning everyone!

Last week I went on vacation from Wednesday night to today! And I figured I get a head start and post this blog anyway! So, I took a mental break from everything, my job, looking for a job and church too! I needed this break so much! I didn’t call anyone nor did I talk to anyone. IT WAS SO NICE!!  I caught up on sleep too! I was the laziest person alive and you know what I didn’t care at all! I truly needed this! I work so hard and I was working doubles back to back, and trying to do all these other things in order to move ahead. There comes a time in our lives when we just need to slow down and take it easy! We just need to rest up and get our minds right. That’s why we get breaks in school, so we can rest and clear our minds. Tomorrow I’ll be back on track and I’ll be ready because starting on Wednesday I start my long hours again! BUT, it’s cool because my hard work is going to pay off one day and I’ll be very happy when that happens. I hope everyone has a great day and week! Be blessed!

What’s your Therapy?

Hello and good morning to my wonderful bloggers, family, and friends!

Therapy The treatment of illness or disease, a healing power or quality.

We all need Therapy, not the first definition but the second. A healing power or quality. What’s your Therapy? My Therapy is writing, music, or cooking. When I am discouraged and my mind is constantly running with thoughts I write it out or read. I began to calm down and relax. I let my fingers do the talking and it begins to all come out. Like right now, it’s quiet no noise in the house or anything to distract me from typing this. When I am driving , stuck in traffic or people are driving crazy all around me; I put on Pandora and listen to my favorite artist. I relax and I take my time driving, there’s no need to rush or drive crazy. When I am frustrated or just irritated I cook something. I know some y’all are like “You Charmaine, cook, hilarious”! But, I do sometimes, it may not be anything spectacular but I do it.  When I do this, I feel much better, I began to erase all the thoughts or feelings and began to re-collect myself.  Then, at that point I do not want to be bothered or speak to anyone. Now, if it’s really bad and I have to get somethings off my chest, then that’s when I need to talk it out.

There is no need to get bent of shape when things happen. We shouldn’t sweat the small things or let anyone or anything push us to the point where we get upset. I choose not to let anyone else do that to me ever again. I choose not to make myself upset over anything that’s not important! Have a great day people!



Penny for my Thoughts..

This weekend was great. Period. Saturday I hung out with friends and we went to the museum. Now I am not a big fan of art but, we visited one of the art museums and the work was good. Art is different, it’s all about imagination to me. Whatever comes to mind, you stand there, study it and analyze it makes you use your brain.  Later on that night, I visited another church, and I finally went to Lakewood and what a good experience!

I did enjoy myself, and Pastor Osteen was good too. What I like about him is that he’s so positive! I mean goodness, how can you NOT like him. I use to be skeptical at first, I wondered if he was really that positive and had he ever been through anything, and if so, then how did he deal with it? Sometimes, I wondered if I could be like that and say and think positive no matter what.  

Have you ever met someone like that? Every time you spoke to them, they were in great spirits? And they were always smiling and in a great mood and positive? You wondered what made them tick and what pushed their buttons? They were so positive and uplifting that you want it to rub off on you? They always seem happy and full of life? My friends, I truly think that is how GOD wants us to be.

He doesn’t want us to mope around all the time and be negative,because, you are what you say you are. And if we’re constantly saying “I’m broke”, “I’m this, I’m that” then we are. I learned something brand new this weekend, that in order for me to be happy and successful I need to be able to say, think and do positive things. I have to “encourage” myself and surround myself around people who are the same way. If I don’t then I will be stuck in the same place!

Good night all! Have a great week!

More things I need to work on. Part 2

Right now as I type this, I have no motivation, I am discouraged and confused.  I feel as if I need to get somethings off my chest. Now, remember when I posted my blog about patience?  well, here’s some more.

  1. encouraging myself
  2. not being discouraged because things aren’t going my way
  3. timing
  4. perfection
  5. paying my tithes and offering!

When I look at this list, it seems as if I have a long way to go! I am still trying to figure some things out. And, getting use to doing things the right way, or doing it GOD’s way. Whew it’s challenging, I know things happen for a reason! They really do, and sometimes I wonder why do they happen the way they do? I’ve been wondering why it seems as if the people around me and they’re moving steps ahead of me and I’m not?  Now, this is a permanent list, I am writing this list in front of everyone and I have to say I feel much better!

This list is for my benefit and for me to understand that I am under GOD’s timing, I just need to trust him and have faith! Now, My faith has been like the gas in my car, about to run on E.   So, right after this, I think I’m going to have a long talk with GOD about this. What seemed like one thing turned to six.  I think number five should probably be number one.  Why? Because it is true when you do pay your tithes and offering GOD will open more doors and blessings for you! I am a witness to that! So, I don’t know why I stopped doing it. People may read this and go into debate about tithes and offering and all the “I don’t want my money going to the Pastors’ car and house”. Well, to tell you the truth I don’t believe  that; I don’t think that’s my Pastors’ intention. Now,I know some people are like “Never say Never”! I don’t want to dwell on that, I ‘m talking about myself, or someone in the same situation.

Discouragement combines with patience ; I become discouraged and wonder if anything will happen or come about. The way things are going now, I don’t know what to think!

Perfection is a big one too, while I am coming to the conclusion that I am not perfect and I try not to be, only GOD is perfect and is about perfection! So, what he has for me is perfect for me, and right now I may not realize that but it is! We already talked about timing, that all combines with patience  and discouragement.

This whole list that I made all revolves around him. GOD is doing his part, but, it is up to me to follow through with it too. It’s not a 70/30 or 60/30, this should be a 50/50.  I need to meet half way with him, not the other way around! I think everyone has a list of things they need to have, and if you don’t think you need a list then, all power to you!  But, I’m going to work on this list, it may take me weeks, months, or years to work on it, but, I will be pleased to see the growth in myself! Have a great day!