respect at the work place

Good evening all!
It has been a minute since I been on here. I hadn’t had the energy to do so. The pass couple of weeks have been challenging. Now, I’ve always been an easy go person and nice. BUT, there is a line I draw when it comes to certain things and that’s respect. I been taught that in order to get respect you have to give respect. I have been appalled by the way people treat each other especially in the work enviroment.

Just because you are in authority over certain people or you’re suppose to be a leader and represent your establishment; that does not give you the excuse to treat people with disrespect. I see it all the time and it gets on my nerves. I also don’t understand how certain people who work at the establishment for years and I mean years and they think they have the authority of a manager and they decide to try to boss you around.

Today I was at my wit’s end, I was so irritated with the way they handle things at my job. And it’s crazy because everybody wants to be in authority but no one wants to take the initiative to do their job! And when the BIG BOSS comes in they want to act different, nice, respectful!
I can not wait to leave that place and move on with my life. I mean sure there are a holes everywhere no matter where you work. The resturant buisness has the worst a holes ever!


Boy oh Boy what would I do without my family? I have no idea! I threw my sister-in-law a baby shower yesterday, and I have to say I am proud of myself and how things turned out. Lat year, I threw my mom her 50th birthday party and it turned out great! I also helped throw my dad his surprised 50th birthday party the year before that. If you ask me;I would say that I throw good parties. I was the event coordinator in highschool for one the many organizations I was apart of. I was promotions director in college, that included me putting together certain programs together for the school.
Now, I am not a professional at all! Planning parties and get together can be a headache. Typically, when the final hours come and you have to make sure everything is perfect. I gravel at wedding planners because they have so much to do in such little time!It has to be perfect! Well, I don’t want to plan weddings, not my thing!
To me the best part about the parties is when everyone gets together and fellowship! I love to see everyone fellowship! Yesterday was great, I missed the family getting together and hanging out! There’s nothing like family! I mean sure we all have those couple of family members that have a few loose screws in their head but you can’t replace them! I laugh at those crazy family members! I get so excited and happy when I met up with friends and family! You catch up on what’s going on or picked up where you left off!
I say enjoy your family while you can! If you have a huge family or small, just know that they’re there for you when you need them no matter what! Have a great day!

I need love!

I’ve never been in a serious relationship period. There have been times that I have talked to men on several occassions. But, I never thought about being in a serious relationship until now.
Is there love out there for me? Sure I have my famiy and friends, I am blessed to have that kind of love and God’s love is unconditional he shows it every single day. I am talking about a man.
I mean I am coming to the point in my life that I am starting wonder what about me? Everytime I turn around I see couples holding hands,smiling and giggling. I can’t help but wonder when is it going to be my turn? Char-Char needs love too! It’s true I do! We all need it in some point in our lives.
I know in order for me to receive love you have to love yourself. I do love myself. You also have to know what you want. NOW, that is something I ‘ve been thinking about latley. I know that he has to love God. He has to be smart, intellegent and have goals. Race doesn’t concern me if he’s attractive and has a great personality then that’s fine with me. I know that I need someone to balance me out, I know how I can be sometimes so thats about it .
I am not as picky like I use to be.
As I get older I know that I have to be realistic. Lastly, I know I have to be paitence too. So until then I will continue to just do me until God blesses me with my Boaz.  I know I am not the only one who feels this way this is my intake on how I’m feeling at the moment .
Happy Sunday!

Your childish ways have to go!

When I was a child, I talked like a child; I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. —1 Corinthians 13:11
YES! This spoke to me last night! I couldn’t wait to post this scripture and elaborate on this! Have you ever met someone who was a certain age but they seemed to be childish? I’m not talking about watching cartoons I am talking about their behavior! They are passing 25, 30 or maybe well into their 40’s and 50’s and they still act as if they’re 18 years old. Now the scripture is about us being babes in Christ and moving on to the next level and really start to have a relationship with him. This scripture is great because when you are just a “babe” in Christ things is new. You’re starting to learn how to pray, learning how to deal with things in your past. As you’re getting closer to God and he begin to open your eyes and start to see the big picture, don’t you think that you have matured just a bit? I know I have. I noticed that as you grow older some people don’t lose that “college partying” mentality. They’re older but their mind and ways are still stuck in “college” or “high school”.
It took me a LONG time to start to see things differently. It all began while I was in college and now that I have stepped away from that, I can see clearly now. I know who my friends are though they may be few; they are the ones God has blessed me with! The things I use to laugh about aren’t funny anymore. I’m still goofy and love to have fun but, it’s different now. I calmed down tremendously; I’m learning to take care of my business! If I don’t then I will be upset and wonder why I waited too long to do so! That’s where the timing situation comes in! My yes is yes and my no is no now. I used to always say the word yes; when I noticed that I was being taken advantage of by some people I being to open my mouth and say no I feel much better!
Like I always say, I have a long way to go. It’s time for us to stop playing around and start taking things seriously. I had to let some people go because they didn’t want to grow up. Sometimes we see that in our family members and you wonder when they are going to grow up? All you can do is pray for that person and hope that change will come!
Have a good day!


Yesterday Morning while I was getting myself together for work I needed to hear a word. I needed something that was going to start my day off right and end it right. So I went to YouTube and Looked up Pastor T.D. Jakes and I clicked on this sermon about commitment. I had no clue what the sermon was about until I began to listen. And let me tell you that T.D. Jakes was in my business! I mean the things he was preaching about us not making the commitments to do things whether it’s with relationships, working, or even participating in church! I can’t explain it because it’s so good that I decided to share with you! Please watch! Do you have a problem with commitment? Are you sick and tired of not living your life the way GOD wants you to live it? Are you tired of being lost and not prospering? Well, I challenge you to watch this sermon! It’s Fantastic!!!! If you’re not a big fan if T.D. Jakes well, you will be after this! If you haven’t heard of him then, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Have a good day!

My Daily dose of Encouragement

I didn’t use to be a morning person. I am a little groggy every now and then but, I am reminded everyday of who wakes me up in the morning before my alarm goes off, isn’t that amazing? I mean he wakes me up all the time! I have to be positive and encourage myself that this day is going to go well no matter what. Yesterday I was in a great mode a couple of ignorant people came along the way but I was okay with that. I feel that some people will try you and push you to the limit. I took a deep breath and pushed the thoughts out my head.
When I wake up, I go to my phone and try to read my daily devotional, write a blog, pray and be on my way. This helps me mentally I know that if I continue to read these; then everything will be alright and I have nothing to worry about.
What is a daily devotional? A daily devotional is a small scripture of a bible verse and a small paragraph of encouragement to go along with the scripture. Usually there’s a topic, the scriptures and the devotional. I noticed the difference when do and don’t read it. So, I encourage you to try to read those in the morning. My mother is a praying woman, and she sends out her own devotionals in the morning through email. Her devotionals are excellent! But if I don’t have time to read it I just pick up my phone and read the ones that are sent to me. Today was no different! I woke up and checked my email; I noticed my mom didn’t send anything out yet, so I went to my phone.
And here’s what was sent to me.
WED AM: Let me Hear
Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk for I give you to myself. (Psalm 143:8)
Sometimes circumstances happen in life that are outside of our control. We can’t always be in control of test results, promotions, or computer crashes. It is in these times that we should lean of God to show us the way. This is the time to earnestly seek His will and being open to filling it. Trust in him.

WOW, isn’t that great? Doesn’t that encourage you to keep going no matter what the circumstances may be? Never give up and don’t let these things discourage you but keep going. During our trying times we must trust in God no matter what. And you know what; I’m going to do that! Have a great day!

“Climbing the ladder I call Life”.

Happy October every-one! Another month and two more to go and 2013 will be here in a flash! But, I’m not the one to rush it! The past three to four weeks my relatives been celebrating birthdays and there’re still more to come! My grandmother, cousin, me, and uncle; I have friends who are celebrating birthdays this month too. I am seriously birthday out!
I put together a list that I wish to accomplish by next year.

1. Getting closer to GOD –I’m working on that as I type this. I still have a long way to go!
2. Looking for a better job, and work on my career- There’s nothing wrong with having a job. But it’s about me living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s not cool for a young lady my age. That’s “young money”. Meaning, the job I’m working is for high school and college students! I been and still looking. Once I get that “old money” then I can save more!
3. Keep taking care of myself physically (exercising, etc.) – I been doing great I lost a lot of weight but, I’ve been slacking a lot, it’s time to catch up and keep going! I lost weight for a reason, there’s no need to move backwards only move forward.
4. Go back to school- I’ve been really thinking about this a lot. I figure out that I have so many options and I have my whole life ahead if me. So, I am going back to school. I don’t know what school but, I am going back!
5. Read more- The more you read the more knowledge you gain enough said.
6. Write more- Obviously this goes with number 5.
7. Try to step outside of the box- I need to try new things, food, and travel. The world is my oyster!
8. Find a way to get my books published- I am sure there are plenty ways to get it done. But, I want to make sure that I’m doing the right thing. It’s supposed to be at the top of my list but for now it’s at the bottom.
9. Volunteer more- I use to do this a lot especially at church. It keeps my humble and I get to network with lots of people
10. LIVE LIFE AND HAVE FUN- For crying out loud I’m still in my 20’s not 80s’! There’s nothing wrong with goofing off and having fun once in a while!

So here’s my list, there’s no need for me to sit around and be miserable. This is just another stepping stone and more lessons learned while I go through this journey. Have a great day! Live life!