Take care your children!

You know I am beginning to get sick and tired of hearing and seeing these news stories about these toddlers or babies being muder,killed and abducted. And, so help me Father if I hear about them being sexually abused. What have these children done to these people? Nothing what so ever! I know I joke about not wanting to have any and adopting instead. I joke about whopping a couple when I am out in public or at work. BUT, I couldn’t imagine doing cruel things to them. 

I found a great scripture about this topic Matthew 18 2-6.  Jesus says ” I tell you the truth, unless you change become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone around his neck and to be drowned on the depths of the sea”.

WOW Jesus was not playing at all!

I remember the first time I worked with children. I was a freshman  in college and I helped teach VBS. I was very skeptical at first because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. They were in kindergarten and by the end of the week I had so much fun with them! I end up doing it again my sophomore year. I remeber how much fun I had working at Diseny World and when I graduated I was a camp counselor for pre-k 3. So wheather I admit or not I like working with them.

GOD was basically telling me that children are important and that they’re not all that bad. Even some may be but kids will be kids. I LOVE my niece,she is sooooo cute,smart,and funny. I have a new niece too shes only 8 days old but I plan on to spoil her rotten too. I often wonder what goes through these people mind and they just wake up one day and say “HEY, I think I am going to kill my child”! Or whatever else goes through their mind. When I see moms or parents walk around and they are dressed nice and their child looks like crap I get very frustrated when I see that. Take care of your child before you take care of yourself. If you didnt want children then don’ t have them at all!

I commend my parents because they made sure my brother and I looked good. They made sure we had everything we neededbor wanted. I know I was a pain in the rear but, they still gve us what we wanted even when we didn’t deserve it. So, thanks mom and dad for helping us, wipping dirty behinds and noses. For the clothes shoes and lunch money. For everything!

my book sample

Good evening all!
It has been a while since I been on here and I have to say it’s good to be back! I’ve been working and trying to live my life. But, I have neglected to blog, and I had promised that I would blog no matter what. So, I am sticking to it. And I have to say I am happy to be back. Now, as you all know I love to write. My love for writing started when I was a little girl, and like Belle from Beauty and the Beast I was into books and to this day I still am. I also noticed as a little girl I had a great imagination, making up stories and playing with friends. What better way to express yourself than writing? Writing to me brings peace to my mind and body, so does reading. I love picking up a good book and reading it. So, when I entered highschool I decided to write a book, I came up with the characters plot and everything. I began to write it and I showed it to some of my close friends and they loved it. I began to take it seriously when I entered college and I finished it the summer of 2011. So, I would like to share an expert of my book with everyone! I hope y’all enjoy it! I am now working on the second book, and it’s coming along slowly but surely. Have a good night!


Beads of sweat trickled down Raquel’s back as she struggled to lug the heavy bags across the campus. Who would have thought the weather would be so hot up north! The sun beamed down on her as she continued to walk, how far was she from the dorms she wondered? Students were scrambling around the huge campus trying to get their registration ready for the fall semester. If she made it to the dorm on time she would be able to handle that all in one day. She would have time to rest before her orientation tomorrow morning. She continued to walk when the huge dorms came into view until the wheel of one of her luggage bags got caught into the crack of the side walk.
Great just great she thought as she tried to pull but it wouldn’t budge. She gritted her teeth and with all her might pulled it until SNAP! The wheel broke off, Raquel’s mouth dropped in shock. What was she going to do now? She sighed, sitting on a bench that was near. She knew Terrance should’ve come but she wanted to get the feel of being on her own. Well she wasn’t off to a good start.
“Need help with your bags”? A deep friendly voice spoke; she looked up to see a handsome young man smiling down at her. I saw you struggling with your bags and I had to come over here to help you”. He held his hand out. “Justin Perez and your name”? Raquel was taken aback. Staring at him and his large hand, this guy was really friendly and a sight to look at. His skin was the color of mocha, black curly hair, and beautiful light brown eyes. His clothes were all name brand. Either he was rich or was one of those people who just had to match from head toe. She shook his hand. “Raquel Johnson; nice to meet you Justin”. “Same here, so let me get these bags for you. Just like that Justin pulled the bag out of the cracks of the side walk. I’ve seen this happen all the time”. He smiled down at her. “So which dorms are you staying in”? Raquel grabbed her backpack. Straight ahead from us”. Justin nodded. “So where are you from”? He decided to make conversation. He’d seen Raquel across the campus struggling, but that wasn’t new about a freshman; he’d done it last year. Something told him to go and help her. She was a cutie when he saw her up close.
From her innocent brown eyes with a set of long lashes, to her light brown skin, and curvy body, she had to be a least five feet even. Her thick chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a long pony tail. I’m from San Antonio, Texas, you”?
“I was born and raised in Colombia, but I moved to the States when I was eight years old”. “Wow, so how do you like it here”?
Justin shrugged. “For a while I hated it here, I wanted to go back so bad. I had missed my friends and family I even refused to eat. My dad wasn’t having it he told me that moving here was the best thing for us and his job. So I just had to deal with it, by the time I was in junior high school I was okay by then”.
“Have you ever been back since”?
Justin shook his head. “No, but I will one day, we’re here”.
Raquel looked up at the tall building; students were pouring in and out of the dorm, then she saw shuttles out front and the new students were taking their bags out. Her face flushed with embarrassment. Justin held his laughter in; poor girl. “We have shuttles that take you anywhere on campus too, so you won’t be rushing to your classes, F.Y.I.”. Thanks for the info and for helping me with my bags, I can take it from here”. Justin laughed and Raquel shrugged. “Did I say something to amuse you”? “Yes you did. Do you really think I’m going to let you carry these four bags to your room all by yourself? Come-on, it’s the least I can do”. He gave her a reassuring smile. He was only trying to help; he didn’t have to help her from the get-go, but he did. So she gave in it wouldn’t hurt he was nice young man.