Nothing annoys me the most is when you are with a group of associates and you’re having a discussion, they state their opinions and then you open your mouth to say something and they look at you and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is… (Drum roll) “YOU SOUND LIKE A WHITE GIRL”!  Really! Somebody please tell me what a white girl sounds like? I was driving with a couple of friends and the first thing that comes out of this girl’s mouth is… (Drum roll) “YOU DRIVE WITH BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL. OH YOU DRIVE LIKE A WHITE GIRL”! I swear I wanted to pull over and unlock the doors saying. “Then get out and find your way home”!

I get so irritated when my fellow African-Americans cannot appreciate you and where you come from. I know you’re probably saying well if that’s the case then don’t hang out with them sheesh Char! Maybe you’re right, but I’ve heard it all my life. People assume just because  you were raised differently and the things you have, means that you cannot relate to them.

Ever since I could remember I have been teased by the way I talk, what I listened too and who I was attracted too and so forth. Of course I have learned to grow thicker skin, but every now and then I do I get irritated. Why do you have to be a “white girl” because of the things you say and what you do? Why do you have to be a “white girl” because you weren’t born in the hood or haven’t been through what they been through. Why should you be criticized about your “blackness” because you were raised in a good environment?

Over the years I learned to be proud of where I was raised and what schools I attended in grade school. I am not ashamed to say that I was raised by both of my parents in a nice neighborhood.  I was a huge Nsync, Backstreet, and Brittney Spears fan. SO WHAT! No, I don’t date “thugs”; I am attracted to a young man that is responsible, smart, and has a great personality. No matter what his race may be. I am me!

So please my brothers and sisters do not put someone down or make fun of them because they are different from you. We’re all trying to become better people as a whole. I understand that sometimes it may be fun and games, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe you’re annoying the heck out of your friend by making those comments. It’s bad enough that we have to act a certain way to prove ourselves but as African-Americans we need to learn how to support each other!

Have a good night! Peace!

“What is blackness? Is it the way you talk? Do you got to say, ‘Dey this, dey dat.’ Or the way you dress? Or is it the forgiving of certain things? What is black enough?”

Douglas Wilder