My Weakness

We all have a weakness and I must confess mines. I’ve been confessing a lot lately. I feel as if my middle name needs to be Charmaine “confession” Hudson. 

So, my first weakness is food. I love food. I love the different types of foods form different cultures. I’m not a picky eater, I’m down to try new things. I remember my friend had encouraged me to eat Escargot. Now, it took me a good 15 minutes for me to try it. It was okay, would I eat it again? Absolutely not. I love going out to different restaurants to eat. When I do cook, I try to play around with the food and add different spices and marinates to put a twist on it. I am a Food Network fanatic. I love the shows Chopped, Pioneer Woman, and Barefoot Contessa.

My second weakness is shopping. Goodness, how do I love it!  When I see a sale at my favorite stores or anywhere I’m there. I have a bad obsession with Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson shoes. Last week, I went to DSW to look for sandals. I was walking towards the sales rack until I saw them. A beautiful pair of golden Steve Madden sandals. They were calling me. I walked over there, found my size and tried them on, IT WAS OVER! I had to get them! But, I saw the price and I was like “Dang, I really don’t want to jeopardize my account.  I went to the sales rack couldn’t find anything. So, I picked up my Maddens went to the front. I had a coupon for ten dollars so I was good. BUT, come to find out I had another coupon that needed to be used. I walked out DSW shouting! 

My third and final weakness, Men. I don’t know what it is about them. Let a good looking guy walk by, and I STARE! I am a sucker for hazel eyes. I get weak!  A couple of months ago I was at work and this tall, chocolate man walked into the bridal store looking for my co- worker. I almost opened my mouth and lied saying I was my co- worker.  I said. “Oh she’s not here today”! Batting my lashes and smiling.  After that was said I slowly walked away.  I love men that are well groomed and dress down to the T! I mean polo shirt, denim jeans and a nice pair of shoes. If he has dreads they have to be nice and edged up. Nappy dreads are a big NO NO! It doesn’t matter if the guy is African American, Caucasian, Spanish , Asian , Caribbean I love them all. Especially, if he’s a gentleman and have a good sense of humor.

You know when I think about it, these aren’t  bad weakness. These are good. Weaknesses tend to be put in a bad light. Maybe I shouldn’t call them weakness, those three things are what I love. I love food, shopping and men. They can be good and dangerous. You can become overweight, broke and some one’s baby daddy! Two out of three put me in a bad situation. If I can just learn to push away from the table, and stay away from the mall!

Peace! Goodnight!

The Silent Hater

Have you ever been a silent hater? Not the bold hater, but a silent hater. You’ve recently broke up with your boo and every time you turn around someone is with their significant other. They are holding hands, caked up together the whole nine yards. And you think “Ugh, that is so nasty, get a room”! or “She is not cute at all”! Or fellas. “Man, she too fly to be with him”!  My natural sistas,  you’ve been trying to get your twa to grow and you walk by and see a young lady and her hair is down her back. you think. “She probably mixed, that’s not her real hair”. or “Really, that’s probably weave”.  See a silent hater, hates silently to themselves. I use to be a silent hater, I confess.

I use to have a problem with my weight. I gain and lose it all the time. In high school, I use to be jealous of some of the young ladies on my drill team. they had nice athletic bodies and  I use to try and eat as healthy as possible to look like them. But, I am a sucker for Shipley donuts, pizza, and Starbucks. I remember we had to wear a mid-riff top for one of our dances, I tried my best to get out of it. When, I saw some if the girls in their outfit walking around, I was embarrassed. So, I wore a jacket over my body until it was time to go out on the field and dance, afterwards the jacket went back on.

I use to hate on some of my friends they were in relationships and I wasn’t. Every time we would hang out the question was. “Why don’t you have a man yet”? And out my mouth came. “We’re only 16”! But, in my heart I use to be jealous because I didn’t have anyone.

My senior year, I was so disappointed that my so called “prom date” had stood me up. I thought “Who goes to prom by themselves”!  I was heart broken for a while. I felt as if I wasn’t attractive enough, while everyone else was with someone I was all by lonely self. 

I feel as if I have grown a lot. I try my best to eat healthy, and as far as I’m concerned about being in a relationship, I feel as if I’ll wait on God for that. A relationship is nothing to take lightly. 

So, have you been a silent hater? If you say no then I know that is a lie. We’ve all had our hater moments.  The only way to get over it is to stop worrying about everyone else and do you. I can tell you right it’s hard sometimes, but you got it. DO YOU!


The struggle is real!

There is a popular phrase going around right now. It’s not a hip-hop lingo “Molly” or any stupid phrase. It’s a phrase that only the real know. You can hear it coming out of someone’s mouth if you’re walking pass a group of starving young people trying to find a job to start their career. New graduates, under grads who have graduated in the pass 2 – 5 years are saying this. People who are trying to get back into school or, just ordinary people anywhere. What’s the phrase? “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”! 

Yes, I see you nodding your head in agreement, it’s true! Now, where did the phrase come from? Well, to my knowledge It came from my home girl, let’s just call her Crystal. At the time we were trying to find new employment when we were working as host. We were on the phone when she said “The struggle is real Charmaine”. I was like “Yes it is”!

So, what does the phrase mean exactly? It’s what it means “The struggle is real”! There are a lot of young African Americans out here in the world trying to make a difference with in them as a whole. They are trying to go to school, work, and church; all the while trying to keep up with the Joneses. Competition is at its highest peak around the world. Everyone is trying to make it to the top and not fail. Everyone is trying to make a difference some kind of way. 

Now, the question, is the phrase negative? No, it’s not, it is what it is. Now, you can’t use it if you are sitting on your humpty dumpty.  Get off your butt and do something, find a job get some sort of income! If you’re doing all the things that I mentioned and them some well, “The Struggle” won’t last for long. Just keep trying no matter what and the next thing you’ll be saying is “THE STRUGGLE IS OVER”!