Hip- Hop vs. Gospel Hip- Hop

This topic has always been on the top of my list to write about. I wrote an article about how I wouldn’t let go of the music because that’s what I grew up with. There’s no way that I can let it go. I never been a gospel hip hop fan. I could never get into it. I use to feel as if the beats weren’t good. Even though the message is clear, I felt as if there could be a different way the lyrics could’ve went. So, I didn’t try to get into it. 

We all know as Christians that gospel hip-hop is suppose to be the “good” music and Hip Hop is the bad secular music. Hip hop is suppose to be the work of the “devil” right?   Well, I beg to differ, I can say that there are some horrible gospel hip hop music. I feel as if as a Christian the artist should take their time and craft his music just like these artist. If they want to send their message across there’s more to say except “Jesus is Lord” believe me it’s a powerful message, because that’s who Jesus is. He is our Lord and our Savior. But, how about being more creative and have better metaphors? 

They are some adolescents and young adults that want to bang gospel hip hop but can’t because how it’s approached. Lately I’ve heard a couple of good artist on Pandora nodding my head. the beat was good but so were the words. I think the gospel music has evolved more but, it’s still not where it’s suppose to be. I think it needs more work, and soon it’ll be able to reach the people. I don’t when but I know it’ll blow up quickly.

Hip-hop is just what it is, don’t get me wrong there are some absolutely wack music going on right now. I think that Hip-hop needs a wake up call, and when to draw the line. I’m so tired hearing about Molly and Aquafina’s and bad b’s. HELLO Molly is a horrible drug that gets rid of your brain cells in a matter of seconds. Who wants to pop a pill that makes you retarded? Not me. The only artist I’ve been feeling right now is Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Wale and Missy Elliot’s verse in Fantasia’s new song. I think that when these labels sign these artists, maybe they popped a Molly too because what’s being put out right now is garbage. But, this garbage is obviously catching these young children attention. I do believe that a lot of these songs are evil. You’re rapping about Molly and these children are going out and popping them. In some sick twisted way, these children are looking up to the artist. I think about how much I LOVED Da Brat, and most of her lyrics were talking about getting high but they lyrics were so creative. Back then, the artist were telling us a story. It was so cool, now I don’t know what’s going on.

So what’s better? To me I think it’s neck and neck. Sometimes I think that they both have their good artist and not so good artist. But, all together gospel sends out the message that everyone needs. That’s no lie. Some people may disagree with me, but I know what I’m suppose to be listening too. That’s for you to decided.

High and low’s.

Every now and then I tend to go through these high and low phases. I’ll be cool , calm and collected and then I just get sad. No, I’m not bi-polar. it’s just a phase I have once in a while.

I know that I am completely blessed to the fullest. I mean I have a job , a degree, great friends and family. I’m finally getting my writing career kicked off too. What huge blessings! But, I still feel incomplete I feel sad sometimes.That feeling started last month.

Usually, I would go through this small phrase and be done with it. Despite of the small situations I would shake it off and I would move on. But, I’ve been stuck in this small depression for a while. When that happens I began to eat everything in site. After I’m done, I feel horrible and snap out of it. 

But, this has gone on for a while. I haven’t been eating as much, but I did eat a good amount. I been eating things I normally don’t eat like sweets and drinking soda. Sunday, I told myself after I chugged that Pepsi down that I was not going to drink it for a long while. I ate that last piece of  delicious lemon cake and said no more. Last night, after talking to a friend of mine I decided that I needed professional help.

Now I know that I joke around and say that black people don’t need counseling and we’re all right with just talking to Jesus. But, you know what? I think that, every once in a while you need to not only do that but actually talk to someone.

I thought counseling was always for people who had major problems. It’s not, it is for anyone who wants it. I know that I need it. I knew a long time ago that I might need it, but never really thought about until some years ago. One of my friends is a professional and I asked her if she could hook a sista up for a discount. She told me no that burst my bubble.  She told me that she got “FREE” counseling through our church. I was like “Really cool”. When I went to church on Saturday right there in the middle of the program was a announcement about getting counseling and last night I signed up to see a counselor.

I figure there are some things I need to get off my chest and just be done with situations that have been holding me back for years. I know I seem as if I am a happy go lucky person. I smile, joke and laugh. I try to put up a front. I slip sometimes and it shows on my face, I have to correct myself. I know it may seem weird to tell a stranger about myself then tell my friends.  I’m sure some of us have a fear of not telling some of our friends because of how we think they may react. That’s how I feel at the moment.  I think that I am a completely loser for doing this and going to see someone.  But, it has to be done!  Don’t be afraid to to get help when you need it!   Peace.