Goals to 30

When I was younger I always hung out with the older crowd. My brother is three years older than me, and I loved hanging out with his friends. They seemed so cool too me. They seemed as if they had more fun. But, I still embraced my years of being younger and the people around me. I was always the “cute” little sister or “Little Rozell” as they would call me. I thought it was cute. When I look back on that I miss it but at the same time, I like the fact that I am my own person. I learn about myself every day. I get those ah-ha moments! (Thanks Oprah). This morning I realized that I am still young but, there are so many things that need to be accomplished by 30. When you get closer to 30, that’s when you’re like “okay, this needs to really happen”.
Career wise This morning, my co-worker Freddy said this most nice thing to me. He told me that I was amazing, “For 27 you are very accomplished and I hope your writing career takes off!”
That touched me so much, I almost cried. He truly made my day, my week, my year! He spoke it into existence and I receive it! I feel like that’s what I was destined to do, write. I would still love to do radio, I miss it so much!

Education- I just received the conformation that my GRE book is ready to be picked up at the library. I didn’t feel like spending the money to buy one, when you can get it for free? I feel that I need more hand on practice. I want to learn more. I think that it’s NEVER too late to get an education. I think it’s great to continue your education. Now, will I stop after my masters? We’ll see. But, for now I want to study and pass this test! I want to push myself to doing great.
I use to be stuck on pleasing others, which failed because at the end of the day I wasn’t happy with myself and what I did. So, Master’s degree here I come!

Attire- So, I feel like the older you get, there is a certain way you need to dress. You can’t be forty and dressed like Mrs. Parker from Friday. Your style is your style, but I think there’s a certain way you should present yourself. I’m starting to get into the heels and dresses, Yeah I know it’s late in the game to do so, Colors too, I LOVE black, but I’ve been seeing some great clothes in all types of colors. It’s time to step outside the box just a little.
I think that these are my top 3 goals to 30. I had a longer list but, I didn’t want to babble on and on. We all have goals that we want to reach and there’s no way I will allow to hold myself back to not do so.

Who cares!

I like to take the time out of my “busy” schedule to speak or should I say write about what’s going on in my mind. The title of the blog is WHO CARES!
This blog is for the people who care about the Kardashians, Miley or (Molly, hint hint) Cyrus as our people would call her. Chris Brown (even though I am a big fan) Beyonce, Jay and Blu-Ivy. The list goes on and on.

Okay so Khole Dash is married to an addict.. do you know how many people are addicted to drugs? I am sure some of us have addicts in our family. Who cares that the Jenner’s are getting a divorce? Have you seen the show? It’s obvious!
Who cares if Kayne says he’s a music genius and he’s rock and roll? Maybe you should get some confidence like him and say great things about yourself.

Who cares if NeNe got married again? ( even though I love me some NeNe) I ran into a lot of women who were getting married for the second and third time when I was a wedding consultant.

Lord knows I think the girl needs help but you know what.. Who cares about Molly (lol) Cryus twerking? She looks like an idiot and she knows it too! At the end of the day she and her family will have to look back at this. We ALL done crazy things in our lives… now was it as bad as Molly? Probably so… I know some of ya’ll twerked to “bands to make her dance”. So, who cares?

I’m Team Breezy all the way but I am tired of the Rhianna/ Breezy altercation. Yes he was WRONG for what he did, so was Ike, Mike Tyson, Welesy Snipes, and all the other men who was involved in domestic violence. Let’s just pray for him instead.

My last and favorite topic THE CARTERS!
Either you love her or hate them. Love to hate them. I have to admit that I was appalled that Bey lipped sync at The President’s inauguration, she was out-of-order for that. But, at the end of the day we all know Bey is fly! No matter how much you want to not admit it, she is. She’s come a long way. For some people to hate on her and say she doesn’t comb her child’s hair.. WHO CARES? I see some moms walking around looking nice and their child/children look as if the just rolled out of the crib.Hair not combed, bodies not washed, and dirty clothes.
While y’all are worried about them, we need to be worried about these people who are affected by this government shut down. These people are suffering because of what’s going on.
So all I’m saying is, keep your eyes and ears open to what’s going on. I think the media has screwed this world up with these celebrities.