As I look around me, I find myself feeling empty. There’s something missing. My world around me is mediocre. It could be so much better. The fact those 3 years have gone by since I graduated, I have yet to reach a goal, and my motivation is gone.  GOD blessed me with a wonderful job, which I prayed and wished for.  You know what, on the cool; the only thing I like is the pay. But in the back of my mind I think, am I missing something?  I’m taking this opprotunity and I am going to do right and do my job. I am going to ride it until I can’t ride it anymore.

I been focused on the wrong things latley and I choose not to get into that. One, I hate to admit it. Two, I’m too vounarble about that subject. I would feel like an idiot writing it out. And that focus needs to be the last thing on my mind, seriously.

What I need to think about is my future.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in this box. The world is out there waiting for me and I’m stuck in the box I call Houston, TX. The box, it’s a small box, which I want to break free from. I want to break out that box, and open my eyes up to many opprotunities. Is that wrong? Is it wrong that I want to leave and never look back? Is it wrong that I want to emabrace my life and catch the boat of opprotunity? I don’t want that boat to sail on without me.

I know I write about this all the time. But I didn’t know that I loved writing so much that I am willing to drop everything just to do that. Well, didn’t Abraham take his things and leave? Going into a land that he didn’t know, that GOD told him to go? I did it before I feel as if I should do it again.  I am at the age where now it’s time for me to explore and break away.  This is for my own good. I’m not in a realtionship, no children.

I ran across a book and call me crazy but I was thrown off because it had my first name and middle Initial. That’s not the first time I came across it before. Right then I knew another sign that I needed to persue my dream.  I knew that when I began to take my writing seriously. I’m not going to put education on the back burner, that’s a big no. Well, I have to do is just do it. it’s on me to make that move.