Travel girl

So I decided by this time next year I want to be over seas some where on a vacation. I need to get in touch with my travel side. There’s a travel girl in me and she’s trying to break free. She’s trapped inside of a box and she’s getting impatient. I want to go to different places and try different foods and explore the mointains and rivers. I want to see the sunrise across the pyramids of Egpyt. I want to see the sunset on the ocean of the Carribbeans. I want to ride a bike through out Europe and walk the streets at night in Japan. That’s what I want. If I go with a group or by myself I don’t care. I want to expierence the shops and people in the middle east. I want the spritual relief in Israel. 

There’s a yearing inside of me. It’s not for a man, or physical need. It’s to explore to get me feet wet and my knees dirty. It’s to see things I’ve never seen before. I want to make memories and caprture them. I want to really put my writing skills to use and make a memoire. I just had a moment right now. My purpose is to save me money to I can explore. I’m happy but I want to be esctatic. I want to have something to tell my (adopted) children when I get older. I’m not ready to settle or start a family. I want to spend the rest of my 20’s and early 30’s on getting more educated not just with a masters but what’s going on around me. I pray that it happens!  So starting now, I will make my way towards being the explorer I was made to be. No excuse. I won’t wait for anyone if they’re not prepared for it.


One day at a time


It’s good when people are honest. That’s my number one rule. I’ve been blessed to have a great group of friends to be that way towards me. Now, as far as the guys who I’ve talked too I can say that maybe a couple of them been half way desecent to say the least.

Welll, I’ve been conversing with this guy. We went out a couple of times. We talk on the phone a lot. There’s never a dull moment. We joke a lot. There have been a couple of awakard silences after my terrible jokes. But, hey it’s cool. He’s been going through some things I rather not mention because I would be putting his buisness on the street.  

Moving on he’s a pretty cool guy, all around guy next door cool. I like him. We’re polar opposites.  I mean he’s very observant and quiet while I am just friendly and all over the place.  He’s four years older than me. Average height, he’s cute. It’s crazy because I normally go for the tall, pretty boys.  He’s laid back, funny, and has a good personality. When we first spoke over the phone we hit it off immidatley.  We only talked for a god twenty minutes and got off the phone. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. I figured that he didn’t like me, or wasn’t feeling the conversation. I heard from him the following week and then I didn’t talk to him until after homecoming. We decided to go out.  We decided to do Starbucks because he’s never been there. ( I thought what planet is he from?) But, we end up going to Cheddars and went to the park. I had a great time with him. I normally don’t say that. I decided to go out on a limb and give him a chance. Why? I have no idea. 

Now, let me just jump to the chase. One thing I like about him is that he’s honest.  What I liked even more is that he told me that he’s been one hundred precent honest with me since the day we met.  No lie. That I admire.  He told me that he didn’t want to be in a realtionship until he got himself together. Check plus on my list! I knew that I liked him for a reason. So, for now we’re just working on being friends. So far so good. WE both agreed that taking it one day at a time would work. And I’m glad that we’re doing so.

The Donkey aka the jack@$% !

 This guy stay away from him. He’s a jerk. He’s good looking 1-10 he’s about an 8. He dresses nice and he smells good. But, he’s no good. His looks may be an 8 but his attitude is an 1. He’s not confident he’s cocky.  He puts other people down because it makes him feel good. When it comes to women, he thinks he’s God’s gift to them. He a “player”. But, in reallity he’s just a big phony. He thinks he can put it down in bed when he knows he’s …… yeah. He only dates the “bad chicks”. You have to be perfect. You don’t have to be nice,smart, educated or loyal. If you look good on his arm then JACKPOT! If you’re a regular, all around woman then forget it. He doesn’t want that. He’ll put you down, and constantly make rude comments. You don’t need him. Stay away from him. His ego is at a 1,000 and you can’t tell him anything. 

How do I know?

Meet The Donkey. 

Met him in highschool.  5’8-9. Chocolate brother. He was a football player on the varisty team (benched) . I guess he was a tackle? Or… whatever. He dressed nice, smelled good, and his looks were nice. He lived down the street and around the corner form me. My mother just adored him. So, I thought why don’t I give him a chance? I tried and boy was I wrong. He turned out to be the biggest jerk-off in the universe. His attidue was jacked. When we were in school he acted as if he didn’t who i was. When we were alone, he “liked me”.

He talked about my weight. He thought I should’ve been smaller. My stomach wasn’t flat enough everything. My looks could’ve been better. All the while he was dating someone else the whole time. Should’ve known.  Well, he tried talkiing to my bestfriend too. He lied and said that she called him. She lied and said that he called her. Whatever. They’re both idiots. I decided that I didn’t like him and we just stopped talking.

Years, passed I ran into him while I was at work. I knew who exaclty he was with that stupid “I’m -better -and -more -handosome -then -any guy” look on his face. I acted as if I didn’t know him and dismissed him. Last night I ran into him again. And this how the convo went.

Me:he how are you doing? (Hugged him)

Donkey: I been good, I wasn’t going to come and speak to you at first but, I decided too.

Me: Oh really, you’re still the same huh.

Donkey” It’s not like that.

Me: So, how’s life after school?

Donkey: It’s cool, I been in the Navy for 9 years now.

Me: oh wow really congrats.

Donkey:Yeah I been living in Japan.

Me: Awesome,  that’s cool when do you go back

Donkey:  After Christmas

Me: Awe bummer

Donkey: Naw, maybe you should get out more and travel

Me: Ummm, I’ve done that

Donkey: where you been?

Me: Well, I went to school, and moved away but I been back for three years now.

Donkey: Looks at me like “yeah right”

Me: ANYWAY, you’re looking good

Donkey: Thanks. (looks at me) You look the same too me though

Me; I swear you can never compliment anyone.

Donkey: I’m being for real you look the same to me, well, just take donw my info when you get ready to leave.

Me: Oh okay cool beans.

  Can you believe that after that conversation, his flavor of the month walks in. I was actually thinking about giving him my phone number just to catch up. He tried to say bye to me, I just gave him a half good bye.  So, ladies stay away from this type of man. Because he’s not really what he seems to be. He may seem like he has the confidence but he’s really insecure. His insides are ugly. I don’t trust men like that. One day he’s going to fall off that high horse of his and try to get with you. When that day comes, you’ll remember how you was treated and you’ll just look at him like when he looked at you and move on.