That dude

Have you ever labeled a guy in your phone with no name? Like don’t answer, or ignore. I have a person in my phone that I labeled “That dude”. It’s funny when I think about it. I labeled him that dude because he’s the type of guy who only calls me when he wants something and we all know what that is. I’ve known this dude for a while, since high school actually.  He was three grades ahead of me and he’s two years older than me. We hit it off at first but I noticed some things about him that I did not like. It wasn’t his looks; he was an average looker, cute. He’s tall and skinny his body is okay.

  1. He seemed lie about the stupidest things.
  2. He was a guy trying to play the nice card
  3. Seemed to be the lazy type, he was use to girls doing things for him
  4. Is on social media too much
  5. He lived with his mama
  6. He didn’t have a car
  7. He played the I’m so smart card
  8. Tried turning things on me when he was wrong

There were too many flaws. I know I am not the perfect person at all to be complaining.

That dude, he could be a good person but he would lie about the craziest things. He travels a lot and he would post things on instagram when he would return to Houston. When I talked to him on the phone he would never mention it and then like hours later he would day lets’ kick it. And I would just ignore him or tell him I was busy.  He could be a nice guy when he wanted to be.  If he needed something, like when he asked me to go get him something to eat. He didn’t pay me back or anything. I got a thank you but no gas money nothing.  I was stupid enough to do that and I will never do it again.

I think he was so use to girls doing things for him that he expected me to do it. Like he called me and was like my birthday is coming up, and I was like nice. He smartly replied you should get me something. I burst out laughing. I thought that was so funny. Then of course he added I might just have you as my present. I rolled my eyes and ended the convo right there.

I can not stand a man who is on social media so much you would think he was a P.R. manager. One day I got tired of it and posted back saying. “Get out your feelings bro, lol”. After that, he never posted again.  He lived with his mama, the end. He didn’t have a car but yet he has the money to get one.  He thinks he’s so smart, and he bragged that he read the encyclopedia. I jokingly said that he was so bored doing time that’s all he could do. But, he really did. He is an intelligent person but when you try to use all these words in a sentence that does not fit then you’re a show off. I guess he forgot he was speaking to a writer and an English minor.

Last but not least, he would try and turn things on me. I would say “you never and check on me anymore”. “You never call me but I call you”. And I would reply back just to shut him up. He’s labeled that dude because that’s all he is, a dude. We only ‘kicked it twice and he’s been trying to lure me in to do so again. I’m not falling for that because I know that he has several girlfriends and I will not be another number!