Does my writing really suck?

I been having this notion latley that my writing is not what it’s all cracked up to be. It’s been nagging at me for the past few weeks now. Have you ever had that feeling that maybe your rapping isn’t all that good or maybe those pictures that you take are just okay?
People around you ( friends and family) think that your talent is just wonderful! They tell everyone about it including the chruch memebers. I been having writers block for the longest. I haven’t been able to tap into my “creative” writing side. When I do start writing nothing seems to come out. I tried writing a short story to get the juices flowing I finished it. I try to challenge myself every once in a while and write about something that I never written about. The out come is .. mediocre it’s okay. I try to let my imagination take my writing places it’s never been. Once again it’s ..okay.

Latley I’ve been searching for a writing class or conference to spuce it up. I was on the internet just a few days ago and I found a conference that will be happing a week after my birthday! I was so excited! So, I’m going to get my ticket and hopefully find my writing mojo back! I need that spark or flare to come back. I think this will do the trick.