Oh the Empathy!

So I began to notice somethings about me.  I noticed that I need to learn how to be empathetic. A few years ago I ran across this 30 day challenge book. It was about how I needed to learn how to empathaize, let go of the past, stop blaming my parents for my mistakes and all that good stuff. Now, I tried to do the challenge I actually did all 30 days. I kept my journal and filled it up.  What I failed to realize is I was supposed to use that everyday.
I use to be that way empathetic and I use to “care” about other people feelings. I think when I let a few people who I cared for take advantage of me; I decided that I was not going to let my guard down no matter what.  As I got older I decided that I was only going to be empathetic towards the people I knew that were genuine.
Then, I found out that’s not always the case!  Everyone needs to a ear to listen no matter what!  You never know what someone is going through!  I want people to listen to me and empathize why can’t I do the same?
So, I opened up a little more. Here’s a great example,
 When I was a wedding consultant my co-worker “Shane” was a dramatic and just out there!  He would always ask me for a ride home  because he didn’t have a car. One day, he  flat out asked me for some money and I quick to tell him no. That happened to me before in the past and it turned out that I was being used!
It wasn’t until we sat down to talk that he told me his current situation. My heart when out to him.  Now, I didn’t give him any money because I couldn’t afford to give money to myself!  I’m trying to learn to listen to people when they need a ear.
I noticed that I need to work on my emotional issues. As I write this I feel slightly embrassed.  But it had to be said. So I will continue to try to emphthize more when it comes to leanding a ear.

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