Day 16-18 Is MLK day just another day?

I was beyond happy that I had this long weekend off. I hooked up with a couple of girlfriends and went to go see Ride Along 2. It was a good movie! It was funny! I have a crush on Ice Cube so it was good seeing him on the big screen.   This weekend was not just another long weekend it was to observe the great Martin Luther King Jr.  

Monday morning, I was very surprised to see that there were no movies dedicated to him. I didn’t see anything on the History channels about his great works.  Did we really forget why we had this day off? This is no ordinary day. All I seen was trash reality shows coming on all day. Did I partake and go into a binge watch ? … I plead the fifth on that!  Okay, okay, I did and those shows are far from reality!  It was like watching horrible comedy sketches back to back! After Love and Hip Hop I was too through!  

Would  Martin Luther King be distraught to know that we have these shows? Would he be upset to see our people making a fool out of themselves?  Would he be heartbroken to see our sisters stoop down so low to be with a man who doesn’t value them? Would he mad at our brothers for playing women and sleeping around having babies by multiple women and not caring?  

My answer I think would be yes. Is MLK just a day for us? Or is it a day that we need to observe and be thankful for a man like him? He’s done so much for our people and others around us. 


Positive note:  Remember who paved the way for us!

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