Hard to say goodbye

I rarely speak about death because like other people; it’s an touchy subject for me.   Today I received news that one of my friends from work passed away due to illness. For some reason that overwhelmed me because yesterday  marked the third month of my grandmother’s passing.  I had no idea it had been that long. Seriously, I think everything happened so fast when my grandmother passed that I didn’t  get to mourn her.

Now, that I found out about my friend, I couldn’t take it anymore I cried so hard. I was just so sad.  I know when people pass away you say about how good of that person was and I can vouch and say she was a good person. She has been through so much with dealing with breast cancer and other personal issues. She continued to stay positive and believe that God had blessed her and still continued to do so. Now if that’s not faith  then I didn’t know what it was.

My grandmother was the same way! She was a praying woman. She was faithful and she put her trust in God no matter what!  So, when I find out about her passing, I felt selfishness come over me. I believe that God is a healer and he is our doctor. So, why is that these people aren’t healed? Why do they have to suffer? Why is that people who trust in God have to deal with these things?  I still don’t understand it.

I hear people say I’m just glad he/she doesn’t have to suffer anymore.  When I think about it, I know it’s truth. I know that both of those beautiful women are in a better place. They won’t have to suffer any longer. They are okay now. It doesn’t still take the hurt away.



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