What is happening to our people? Organ trafficking Myth or Fact?

Something is strange going on in the black community. It is to my knowledge that lots of our brothers and sisters have been “disappearing”.  There was the case of the missing african american girls in D.C. and they were “found”.  Supposedly they were run aways and I didn’t believe that at all.

I started to do my research and came across organ trafficking.  That sparked something inside of me and I had to think back on Kendrick Johnson; the Georgia teenager found dead wrapped in a gym mat.   The surveillance shows him in the gym playing basketball but not the cause of death.  When his body is given to his parents it turns out his body was stuffed with news papers.

Micheal Brown was shot in the middle of the street in broad day light.  When his mother came to the scene she was not able to go near her son’s body.  They literally kept her from her son for hours until after the autopsy was done.

Sandra Bland was driving to Prairie View  Texas and she was pulled over by a policeman. She goes to jail and they find her body hanging from the ceiling.

Kenneka Jenkins is the latest mystery murder of all time.  The nineteen year old was at a hotel party and mysteriously found dead in the freezer with her top off. Once again, it shows that she was by herself you can clearly see that she was under the influence of something. She walks into the kitchen but it didn’t show her walk into the freezer.

The list goes on.

What all these young brother and sisters have in common is we really don’t know the real cause of their death and their parents were reframe from seeing their bodies after the fact. Some for days at a time.  That makes no sense.  What gives them the right to keep the body when the mother carried that child for nine months and raised them?

Why is that Kendrick’s body was stuffed with news paper and NO ONE knows anything?  Get out of here!  Why is that when a African-American person dies it’s not as bad as if someone else died? I get sick to my stomach when people say “Get over it”. ‘Things happen”. or my favorite. “They were at the wrong place at the wrong time”. I mean is there really such at being at the wrong place at the wrong time?

Trevon Martin was where he was supposed to be right? What’s wrong with walking to the store and getting snacks?  Kendrick Johnson was at school, that’s supposed to be a safe haven for your child.  Sandra Bland was taking the next step in her life driving to her new job.  Tamir Rice was just playing on the playground. Where children supposed to be.  Little boys have been playing with toy guns for a long time.  Keeneka was just being a typical nineteen year old.  Have we not done things at that age before?

I mean the list goes on and on. I can tell you right now these stories do not add up.

According to black america web 75, 000 black women and girls are missing across the country; where as 1.5 million african american males are missing.  Where are our people disappearing too?  And why isn’t the media putting this out for people to know about this? Why is that certain people get put on the back burner when it comes to things like this?

People have been taking African-American organs since slavery.  Word on the street is our organs are better. Especially younger people.

So is it a myth or fact?

Obviously it’s the truth because why would you stuff a body with news papers? Why keep that body for a long time?  Unless you are an organ donor then it stays in your body. When your body is autopsied the organs go back into your body.   That let’s me believe that their organs have been taken and sold illegally.   These good organs are being donated to the elite that can afford it. Not for the average joe.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but these people who have been gone missing will never be found. You know why? because they were set up in organ trafficking that’s why.  It would be a miracle if all of these people were found.  They were alive and well.  It would be nice to know that these people weren’t dead.   That’s not the case though.  It’s time to open our eyes and see the big picture.  These people need to be stopped and we need to take care of our people.