The Subtle Art of not giving a F- Best book ever!

I just read a book that literally changed my life and the way I think.  Let me tell a quick story before I get into the book.  So, I was at one of my favorite places to be Barnes and Noble and I was looking for a book that I would enjoy. Something that will trigger my brain cells.  Besides the bible, I’ve always enjoyed reading a good book.

 I picked up a Carl Webber and TD Jakes book. As I was walking towards the front to grab a seat. I saw an orange cover with black writing. The first thing I saw was not giving a F. I smiled and picked it up. I found a seat thankfully because people like to hog the chairs at Barnes and Noble.  I opened the book and I was captivated.

  Mark Manson is one of the realest authors today. I’m not knocking anyone else but he really set the bar high . This book is basically telling you things happen in our lives good and bad. It’s how we determine to learn from them.  We learn that little things that bother us shouldn’t ruin our day. Either you can give an F and let it ruin your day. Or not give an F and move on.

I haven’t read a good nonfiction book in a long time. This is by far the best book I ever read. To me it’s not a self-help book. It’s a Hey- you- need -to -get -your -shiz -together- and -look -at- the- man/woman -in -the -mirror.  Stop giving an f about what people think about you. Their horrible opinions and advice can make or break you. Learn how to pick and choose your battles. Learn what to give F about. Learn what not to give an F about.  It’s okay to fail. Failure is just a stepping stone to something greater.

Even though the book had nine chapters, it took me about two weeks to finish the book.  I actually made notes and highlighted a few things. I made notes to myself! That’s how good the book is!  If I was 21 years old and I came across this book I think my life would be so different now! But I’m 31 years old and this book came right on time!

I suggest this book for ages 18 and up. Yeah there’s cursing in the book but he’s keeping it real. When you show people that you are real about life and the reality, then you will capture people’s attention. He captured mines and now I’m going to pass it on to you!



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