On the Brighter side…



Most children have great imagination. I was too like that as a child. I was not artistic when it came to art. This picture above takes me back because I remember trying to draw something like this. It just reminds me to always look on the brighter side of things. When life seems to be getting you down try your best to move from that dark place into the light. Sometimes, It’s easy for us to stay on the left side of the picture. It’s dark, rainy and cold. I do love the rain sometimes it relaxes me and sometimes soothes me. But, when it continues to rain non stop that’s when it starts to affect me. I get sad because I miss the sun. I don’t see how people live in certain parts of the world where it rains all the time! I would be depressed and try to travel where I can find some sun!
When it comes to my personal life I’ve had a mixture of sunny and rainy days. Sometimes, the rain would turn into a thunderstorm. That would build up into to category 1 hurricane. I never want to go through that again! It’s not me nor my personality. I try to stay on that right side of the picture. My days go by much smoother when I’m over there. So when you’re stuck in the rain just remember there’s always that bright side waiting for you!


Does my writing really suck?

I been having this notion latley that my writing is not what it’s all cracked up to be. It’s been nagging at me for the past few weeks now. Have you ever had that feeling that maybe your rapping isn’t all that good or maybe those pictures that you take are just okay?
People around you ( friends and family) think that your talent is just wonderful! They tell everyone about it including the chruch memebers. I been having writers block for the longest. I haven’t been able to tap into my “creative” writing side. When I do start writing nothing seems to come out. I tried writing a short story to get the juices flowing I finished it. I try to challenge myself every once in a while and write about something that I never written about. The out come is .. mediocre it’s okay. I try to let my imagination take my writing places it’s never been. Once again it’s ..okay.

Latley I’ve been searching for a writing class or conference to spuce it up. I was on the internet just a few days ago and I found a conference that will be happing a week after my birthday! I was so excited! So, I’m going to get my ticket and hopefully find my writing mojo back! I need that spark or flare to come back. I think this will do the trick.

That dude

Have you ever labeled a guy in your phone with no name? Like don’t answer, or ignore. I have a person in my phone that I labeled “That dude”. It’s funny when I think about it. I labeled him that dude because he’s the type of guy who only calls me when he wants something and we all know what that is. I’ve known this dude for a while, since high school actually.  He was three grades ahead of me and he’s two years older than me. We hit it off at first but I noticed some things about him that I did not like. It wasn’t his looks; he was an average looker, cute. He’s tall and skinny his body is okay.  

  1. He seemed lie about the stupidest things.
  2. He was a guy trying to play the nice card
  3. Seemed to be the lazy type, he was use to girls doing things for him
  4. Is on social media too much
  5. He lived with his mama
  6. He didn’t have a car
  7. He played the I’m so smart card
  8. Tried turning things on me when he was wrong

There were too many flaws. I know I am not the perfect person at all to be complaining.

That dude, he could be a good person but he would lie about the craziest things. He travels a lot and he would post things on instagram when he would return to Houston. When I talked to him on the phone he would never mention it and then like hours later he would day lets’ kick it. And I would just ignore him or tell him I was busy.  He could be a nice guy when he wanted to be.  If he needed something, like when he asked me to go get him something to eat. He didn’t pay me back or anything. I got a thank you but no gas money nothing.  I was stupid enough to do that and I will never do it again.  

I think he was so use to girls doing things for him that he expected me to do it. Like he called me and was like my birthday is coming up, and I was like nice. He smartly replied you should get me something. I burst out laughing. I thought that was so funny. Then of course he added I might just have you as my present. I rolled my eyes and ended the convo right there.

I can not stand a man who is on social media so much you would think he was a P.R. manager. One day I got tired of it and posted back saying. “Get out your feelings bro, lol”. After that, he never posted again.  He lived with his mama, the end. He didn’t have a car but yet he has the money to get one.  He thinks he’s so smart, and he bragged that he read the encyclopedia. I jokingly said that he was so bored doing time that’s all he could do. But, he really did. He is an intelligent person but when you try to use all these words in a sentence that does not fit then you’re a show off. I guess he forgot he was speaking to a writer and an English minor.  

Last but not least, he would try and turn things on me. I would say “you never and check on me anymore”. “You never call me but I call you”. And I would reply back just to shut him up. He’s labeled that dude because that’s all he is, a dude. We only ‘kicked it twice and he’s been trying to lure me in to do so again. I’m not falling for that because I know that he has several girlfriends and I will not be another number!


As I look around me, I find myself feeling empty. There’s something missing. My world around me is mediocre. It could be so much better. The fact those 3 years have gone by since I graduated, I have yet to reach a goal, and my motivation is gone.  GOD blessed me with a wonderful job, which I prayed and wished for.  You know what, on the cool; the only thing I like is the pay. But in the back of my mind I think, am I missing something?  I’m taking this opprotunity and I am going to do right and do my job. I am going to ride it until I can’t ride it anymore. 

I been focused on the wrong things latley and I choose not to get into that. One, I hate to admit it. Two, I’m too vounarble about that subject. I would feel like an idiot writing it out. And that focus needs to be the last thing on my mind, seriously. 

What I need to think about is my future.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in this box. The world is out there waiting for me and I’m stuck in the box I call Houston, TX. The box, it’s a small box, which I want to break free from. I want to break out that box, and open my eyes up to many opprotunities. Is that wrong? Is it wrong that I want to leave and never look back? Is it wrong that I want to emabrace my life and catch the boat of opprotunity? I don’t want that boat to sail on without me.  

I know I write about this all the time. But I didn’t know that I loved writing so much that I am willing to drop everything just to do that. Well, didn’t Abraham take his things and leave? Going into a land that he didn’t know, that GOD told him to go? I did it before I feel as if I should do it again.  I am at the age where now it’s time for me to explore and break away.  This is for my own good. I’m not in a realtionship, no children.

I ran across a book and call me crazy but I was thrown off because it had my first name and middle Initial. That’s not the first time I came across it before. Right then I knew another sign that I needed to persue my dream.  I knew that when I began to take my writing seriously. I’m not going to put education on the back burner, that’s a big no. Well, I have to do is just do it. it’s on me to make that move.


Who cares!

I like to take the time out of my “busy” schedule to speak or should I say write about what’s going on in my mind. The title of the blog is WHO CARES!
This blog is for the people who care about the Kardashians, Miley or (Molly, hint hint) Cyrus as our people would call her. Chris Brown (even though I am a big fan) Beyonce, Jay and Blu-Ivy. The list goes on and on.

Okay so Khole Dash is married to an addict.. do you know how many people are addicted to drugs? I am sure some of us have addicts in our family. Who cares that the Jenner’s are getting a divorce? Have you seen the show? It’s obvious!
Who cares if Kayne says he’s a music genius and he’s rock and roll? Maybe you should get some confidence like him and say great things about yourself.

Who cares if NeNe got married again? ( even though I love me some NeNe) I ran into a lot of women who were getting married for the second and third time when I was a wedding consultant.

Lord knows I think the girl needs help but you know what.. Who cares about Molly (lol) Cryus twerking? She looks like an idiot and she knows it too! At the end of the day she and her family will have to look back at this. We ALL done crazy things in our lives… now was it as bad as Molly? Probably so… I know some of ya’ll twerked to “bands to make her dance”. So, who cares?

I’m Team Breezy all the way but I am tired of the Rhianna/ Breezy altercation. Yes he was WRONG for what he did, so was Ike, Mike Tyson, Welesy Snipes, and all the other men who was involved in domestic violence. Let’s just pray for him instead.

My last and favorite topic THE CARTERS!
Either you love her or hate them. Love to hate them. I have to admit that I was appalled that Bey lipped sync at The President’s inauguration, she was out-of-order for that. But, at the end of the day we all know Bey is fly! No matter how much you want to not admit it, she is. She’s come a long way. For some people to hate on her and say she doesn’t comb her child’s hair.. WHO CARES? I see some moms walking around looking nice and their child/children look as if the just rolled out of the crib.Hair not combed, bodies not washed, and dirty clothes.
While y’all are worried about them, we need to be worried about these people who are affected by this government shut down. These people are suffering because of what’s going on.
So all I’m saying is, keep your eyes and ears open to what’s going on. I think the media has screwed this world up with these celebrities.

Hip- Hop vs. Gospel Hip- Hop

This topic has always been on the top of my list to write about. I wrote an article about how I wouldn’t let go of the music because that’s what I grew up with. There’s no way that I can let it go. I never been a gospel hip hop fan. I could never get into it. I use to feel as if the beats weren’t good. Even though the message is clear, I felt as if there could be a different way the lyrics could’ve went. So, I didn’t try to get into it. 

We all know as Christians that gospel hip-hop is suppose to be the “good” music and Hip Hop is the bad secular music. Hip hop is suppose to be the work of the “devil” right?   Well, I beg to differ, I can say that there are some horrible gospel hip hop music. I feel as if as a Christian the artist should take their time and craft his music just like these artist. If they want to send their message across there’s more to say except “Jesus is Lord” believe me it’s a powerful message, because that’s who Jesus is. He is our Lord and our Savior. But, how about being more creative and have better metaphors? 

They are some adolescents and young adults that want to bang gospel hip hop but can’t because how it’s approached. Lately I’ve heard a couple of good artist on Pandora nodding my head. the beat was good but so were the words. I think the gospel music has evolved more but, it’s still not where it’s suppose to be. I think it needs more work, and soon it’ll be able to reach the people. I don’t when but I know it’ll blow up quickly.

Hip-hop is just what it is, don’t get me wrong there are some absolutely wack music going on right now. I think that Hip-hop needs a wake up call, and when to draw the line. I’m so tired hearing about Molly and Aquafina’s and bad b’s. HELLO Molly is a horrible drug that gets rid of your brain cells in a matter of seconds. Who wants to pop a pill that makes you retarded? Not me. The only artist I’ve been feeling right now is Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Wale and Missy Elliot’s verse in Fantasia’s new song. I think that when these labels sign these artists, maybe they popped a Molly too because what’s being put out right now is garbage. But, this garbage is obviously catching these young children attention. I do believe that a lot of these songs are evil. You’re rapping about Molly and these children are going out and popping them. In some sick twisted way, these children are looking up to the artist. I think about how much I LOVED Da Brat, and most of her lyrics were talking about getting high but they lyrics were so creative. Back then, the artist were telling us a story. It was so cool, now I don’t know what’s going on.

So what’s better? To me I think it’s neck and neck. Sometimes I think that they both have their good artist and not so good artist. But, all together gospel sends out the message that everyone needs. That’s no lie. Some people may disagree with me, but I know what I’m suppose to be listening too. That’s for you to decided.

My Weakness

We all have a weakness and I must confess mines. I’ve been confessing a lot lately. I feel as if my middle name needs to be Charmaine “confession” Hudson. 

So, my first weakness is food. I love food. I love the different types of foods form different cultures. I’m not a picky eater, I’m down to try new things. I remember my friend had encouraged me to eat Escargot. Now, it took me a good 15 minutes for me to try it. It was okay, would I eat it again? Absolutely not. I love going out to different restaurants to eat. When I do cook, I try to play around with the food and add different spices and marinates to put a twist on it. I am a Food Network fanatic. I love the shows Chopped, Pioneer Woman, and Barefoot Contessa.

My second weakness is shopping. Goodness, how do I love it!  When I see a sale at my favorite stores or anywhere I’m there. I have a bad obsession with Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson shoes. Last week, I went to DSW to look for sandals. I was walking towards the sales rack until I saw them. A beautiful pair of golden Steve Madden sandals. They were calling me. I walked over there, found my size and tried them on, IT WAS OVER! I had to get them! But, I saw the price and I was like “Dang, I really don’t want to jeopardize my account.  I went to the sales rack couldn’t find anything. So, I picked up my Maddens went to the front. I had a coupon for ten dollars so I was good. BUT, come to find out I had another coupon that needed to be used. I walked out DSW shouting! 

My third and final weakness, Men. I don’t know what it is about them. Let a good looking guy walk by, and I STARE! I am a sucker for hazel eyes. I get weak!  A couple of months ago I was at work and this tall, chocolate man walked into the bridal store looking for my co- worker. I almost opened my mouth and lied saying I was my co- worker.  I said. “Oh she’s not here today”! Batting my lashes and smiling.  After that was said I slowly walked away.  I love men that are well groomed and dress down to the T! I mean polo shirt, denim jeans and a nice pair of shoes. If he has dreads they have to be nice and edged up. Nappy dreads are a big NO NO! It doesn’t matter if the guy is African American, Caucasian, Spanish , Asian , Caribbean I love them all. Especially, if he’s a gentleman and have a good sense of humor.

You know when I think about it, these aren’t  bad weakness. These are good. Weaknesses tend to be put in a bad light. Maybe I shouldn’t call them weakness, those three things are what I love. I love food, shopping and men. They can be good and dangerous. You can become overweight, broke and some one’s baby daddy! Two out of three put me in a bad situation. If I can just learn to push away from the table, and stay away from the mall!

Peace! Goodnight!